Why You Should Have Gone to IMEX
May 24, 2013

Event organisers are sold to by a wide variety of National and International shows, but how can you figure out which one is a great use of your time. We’re here to tell you that if you didn’t attend IMEX Frankfurt 2013, then you missed out – big time.

IMEX Frankfurt is a yearly worldwide exhibition that takes place over 3 days. With over 3,500 exhibitors and 4,000 attendees the event tries to ensure exhibitors meet buyers using an online appointment system. At the heart of the event is a worldwide hosted buyer system which brings a large section of attendees to the event.

But hosted buyers, exhibitors and even a world class destination is nothing unique to IMEX. So what is it that makes IMEX Frankfurt, a must attend event for professionals?

Put simply, the event is full of confidence, a strange word to relate to a trade show but that’s the best way to explain it. Exhibitors trust that IMEX brings genuine Conference and Event organisers around the world to Frankfurt, therefore Exhibitors bring their best stands, best staff and put genuine effort into the show. In turn buyers/attendees book appointments with Exhibitors confident that they can get new ideas, venues and suppliers from around the world.

IMEX is full of confidence

In 2013, innov8 attended IMEX as a buyer/attendee, put simply each and every appointment was worthwhile. Something that cannot be always said about most trade shows, let alone trade shows within the MICE industry.

IMEX also brings together world wide partnerships with leading software, mobile applications and suppliers from around the events world to help make the event run smoothly from start to end.

The only down side of this year’s IMEX was the poor provision of WI-FI something that organisations such as ABPCO have campaigned for better access for delegates. The WI-FI within the Messe Frankfurt was rarely working, and a long queue developed at the Hosted Buyer desks as delegates struggled to cope.

However despite this, it should not detract from what is a well organised, carefully considered show that aims to put around 8,000 Conference and Event professionals from around the world.

Ensure that you register for details of IMEX 2014 checkout the website: imex-frankfurt.com