We did it!
October 9, 2017

The Royal Parks Half Marathon for UK Meeting Needs

On the 8th October Rachel and I ran the UK's Royal Half Parks Marathon through London City Centre on behalf of the events industries charity - UK Meeting Needs!

To be honest its one of the most mentally challenging activities we have ever completed, neither of us had ever ran more than 10km in previous runs or races and the course around London is 21km/ 13.1 Miles.

We are back in the office now after completing the half marathon in what we think is a respectable 2 hours 54 minutes, needless to say we are proud to have completed the run despite the aching bones and joints this morning. 

We didn't just run this for fun though (I don't know how you could!) we ran to raise money for the UK Meeting Needs charity - who you can find a list of their projects they have supported around the world here: https://www.meetingneeds.org.uk/projects/

Both Rachel and I now need help reaching our fundraising targets and with a little help from our friends/ partners/ colleagues from across the industry we are confident we can make this happen.

A final big thank you to all the Marshal's and Spectators who lined the course as well who gave us both such a boost (especially from Mile 11 to 13) and helped us get over the finish line. I've posted some pictures below of the run and some of the Monuments we passed, you might be able to see which ones we took earlier in the run and which ones we took later on!