Vasculitis UK
May 2, 2013

This month we’re raising funds for a little known charity known as Vasculitis UK, the National Patient Support Charity for people with Vasculitis.

What is Vasculitis?

Vasculitis is a very rare disease that can vary from a very mild variety that needs no treatment to one involving many organs (systemic disease), which means the person ends up in hospital very ill. It is a condition that can occur on its own, or in connection with another illness that is already present, for example, rheumatoid arthritis or lupus.

In all types of vasculitis, the basic problem is that a blood vessel has become inflamed. This leads to problems with the blood flow that can then interfere with the function of the organs supplied by that blood vessel.

Why are innov8 raising funds for Vasculitis UK

In 2007, Kira the Daughter of innov8’s owners – Emma and James Caldwell was diagnosed with Henoch–Schönlein purpura, a very rare form of Vasculitis.

In the resulting 6 Years Kira has had 12 relapses of the condition, which have each needed long stays in Hospital to help battle the condition.

In 2012, with Kira’s (now 9 years old) last relapse, she asked if she can raise awareness of her condition and in turn raise funds towards research and to encourage support between other sufferers of Vasculitis illnesses.

With this in mind Kira and her sister will be completing the Great Manchester Junior Run (2.5km), and Co-Owner of innov8 James Caldwell with Bernie Fielden and Phil Smith will be completing the Great Manchester Run (10km) over the weekend of the 25th May 2013.

We’d like to ask for your support in raising funds towards this charity and supporting Kira’s efforts in raising awareness about her condition. You can donate via Kira’s just giving page below:

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For more information on Vasculitis and the conditions in general please visit the Vasculitis UK Website: