thestudio Leeds
March 18, 2017

thestudio Leeds is a quirky venue based around 10 minutes walk from the main Leeds train station with a large open air car park conveniently located next door. This isn't the first time I've been in a "thestudio" venue as they have event space in Manchester/Birmingham/Glasgow and of course Leeds.

The standard was however the same, with bright walls, quirky quotes on the walls and large communal spaces using innovative furniture a key part of thestudio's appeal to Conference Organisers. As far as event space goes for a training workshop (which is what we were delivering) the event space is first class, Tea and Coffee is free-flow using the Coffee Machines around the communal space serving Latte's/ Mocha's and Cappuccino's.

Lunch is served in the communal space, with the staff happy to open the doors to the balconies so delegates can get a breathe of fresh air on the 6th floor overlooking the City Centre in Leeds. The Delegates themselves fed back that they thought the venue was perfect and they were very impressed with the Hot Buffet Lunch and little Cheesecakes served in Espresso cups.

The meeting room we used included everything we need, with the basic AV (screen, projector and flipchart) included but also there was a length of the wall whiteboard with magnets included that the Speakers took full use of to give a visual aid to their workshop attendees.

The only downside is the venue access is not as straightforward (as is common with most thestudio venues) whereby you have to ring a buzzer to the 6th floor to be let in, as the rest of the space is used as office space. 

However this shouldn't put off event organisers who are looking for exciting and engaging event space to hold Conferences and Workshops, especially given the value for money in the budget.