Ryan Perez-Wilson

Project Executive


Which events have you really enjoyed working on?

I have worked on some fantastic projects whilst being at innov8, I really enjoy working on some of our in house events such as the Stockport Business Expo and our new Sales Conversion Conference

What has been a recent success for you?

I had a huge accommodation project early this year, where I saved the client thousands of pounds, and had to manually place over 1000 delegates into hotels on a tight budget.

If you weren’t working in the event industry, what other career could you have seen yourself doing?

I had always aimed to go into the Armed Forces as an officer, so a slight difference in career choice!

If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would you choose and why?

It would have to be Augustus Caesar also known as Gaius Octavius. The first of the Julian-Claudian Roman Dynasty. Fantastic General who followed in the footsteps of his adoptive father Julius Caesar, it would be fantastic to have a chat with him about his opinions on the Manchester Derby over a pint. My favourite Roman Emperor, closely followed by Vespasian.

What is your phobia?

I don’t have any “phobia’s” but I dislike fireworks and zombie clowns, so as long as there are no zombie clowns on bonfire nights I should be ok.

Can you share an interesting fact about yourself?

I have an ever growing collection of Lego, which I started collecting when I was young and have never stopped. There is an incredibly versatile amount, from Roman soldiers through to Star Wars.