innov8 Launch Charity Ball in aid of Vasculitis UK
July 21, 2016


The reason behind this started with the Daughter of Directors Emma and James Caldwell. Kira who is now 12 has been diagnosed with a form of Vasculitis called henoch-schonlein purpura (HSP), a condition she has had since the age of 3. This came as a huge shock to the family as Kira was born fit and healthy with no previous illnesses or complications prior to being diagnosed with HSP.

Kira was actually misdiagnosed a number of times, and was eventually diagnosed in Turkey during a family holiday where she fell critically ill with this illness. Following this extremely scary experience, Emma and James have worked with leading medical Associations and Charities in order to raise awareness of what is actually quite a common, but little known illness.

In 2015 innov8 organised the World's Largest Conference on ANCA and Vasculitis Conference - The 17th ANCA and Vasculitis International Workshop which raised the profile of all forms of Vasculitis Worldwide. However we believe we can do more and we are working with Vasculitis UK, the registered Charity for those who are diagnosed with Vasculitis based illnesses.

We are working with our partners in the industry to bring together the best entertainment options from Greater Manchester together, for a fantastic evening of entertainment to raise funds for Vasculitis UK as part of our first ever Charity Ball. 

To book a ticket or a Table of Ten at our first ever Vasculitis Charity Ball 2017 which will take place on Saturday 4th March at the Mercure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel please click the link below and we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your place. The cost for a ticket is £60.00 per person or you can buy a table of ten at a reduced price of £550.00.

Book A Table 

Vasculitis UK not only provides support to families such as ourselves who need support in understanding a complex, and little known illness, they also raise awareness of  many Vaculitis based illnesses with Medical professionals across the UK to try and help support early diagnosis of this rare condition. Vasculitis UK also raises funds which are then used to support research into new treatments for Vasculitis, without their commitment and hard work this financial support a lot of the research would never happen.

All money raised throughout the event will go directly to Vasculitis UK

So that is the story behind why we have decided to hold this Charity Ball and to try and raise as much money as possible for this great Charity and help them to continue in the fantastic work that they do, as well as  raising awareness of Vasculitis with the hope to reduce the number of people who are misdiagnosed and therefore not given the correct treatment as early as possible which can make a huge difference later on down the line in their life.

 We look forward to seeing you all there.

Tel: 0161 300 6396