Food Tasting for the Greater Manchester Business Awards
March 23, 2017

Possibly the best part of event organising - The Food!

So Monday this week we visited the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel Manchester to begin our final plans at the Hotel in advance of our upcoming Greater Manchester Business Awards which will be held on the 19th May 2017.

We know we can expect at least 180 guests on the evening, therefore we are now coming into the "home-straight" of the planning where its about the evening itself. We were joined by Dave from RichTV who will be co-ordinating the Video and Production for the event, and who was taking a break from filming all our finalists to join us.

We spent a few hours with Caroline from the venue going over access, ensuring that any attendees with accessible needs can fully attend all areas of the event. We also spent a lot of time discussing Entertainment and AudioVisual plans for the event, again ensuring that it met all required Health and Safety and access requirements. 

I'm not giving away on the evening itself, but we also went through the entertainment and "After-Party" area to ensure that all the attendees have a fantastic night. 

Once we finished up with the logistics, we went to the Hotel's Restaurant to go through the menu tasting. Again, I'm not giving the plans for the evening away but we were absolutely stuck for what to go for on most courses given the fantastic choices on offer for each course but you always follow three basic rules for selecting catering for an evening event:

  • Will the majority of attendees enjoy this meal
  • Is the food exciting enough to differentiate itself from other events
  • Is the Vegetarian option as strong as the "Meat" Options

The Main Course in particular is always difficult, as the temptation is always to stick with the safe "Chicken" option, but we decided against that this year and will look forward to feedback from attendees on the event itself to see whether we have chosen right.

Finally the staff at the Radisson were fantastic throughout, including the team in the restaurant, as we enter these final months and the pressure mounts up you want to feel confident in your venue team that they will deliver a fantastic event especially given the importance of this event. Needless to say we were blown away by the support the Radisson and feel very confident that everyone will have a fantastic evening at the Greater Manchester Business Awards.