Conference Registration

How you manage your Conference Registration is the first impression most delegates will have of your Conference, and will set the tone for the rest of the event. It is imperative that your conference registration is both efficient and friendly.

innov8 Conference Services manages both registration and event staffing for a large number of Conferences and Events across the UK and the rest of the World. Our registration process provides accurate and up-to-date information on expected attendance at all of the workshops, seminars, and social events of the conference. Alongside dedicated phone lines, email addresses and project managers, we can ensure that the registration process of your event is ran smoothly.

Complex and often difficult registration processes can lead to losing a large number of delegates to your event. Ask yourself:

How easy is it to register for your event?

innov8 Conference Services also works across multiple registration systems, meaning we use the software that works best for your event.

innov8 Conference Services can provide:

• Manning registration desks
• Organising Gala Dinners and Social Events
• Bespoke Registration Systems
• Dedicated response by phone and email
• Confirmations/ registrations/ Call for Paper also sent out directly
• Administrational Support to chase up and confirm attendance
• Accommodation Management
• Marketing
• Social Media Management
• Financial administration

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