Emma Caldwell




Which events have you really enjoyed working on?

Although I enjoy all the events we work on as no 2 events are the same,  my favourite events would be UK & Ireland SAP User Group Conference where I have managed all the accommodation across the city for the delegates as well as handling all of the HQ and VIP Hotel Accommodation and I have also really enjoyed handling the BAD Conference for the past few years now and working closely with the organisers. The ANCA and Vasculitis workshop was also an amazing event to be a part of especially with the close connection to Vasculitis and my Daughter.

What has been a recent success for you?

I would say a recent success is when I negotiated with a hotel and re sold a large number of bedrooms for an event and actually managed to save the client from a very large amount of cancellation fees.

If you weren’t working in the event industry, what other career could you have seen yourself doing?

If I was not working in the events industry I would love to have been a midwife. I think this would be an amazing job with such a sense of achievement every day.  

If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would you choose and why?

I think it would be great to meet Freddie Flintoff, he seems like such a great fun guy and I have a little soft spot for him. 

What is your phobia?

For some reason and I am not sure why or where it has come from but I do not like bridges. I am fine with heights so not sure why but I really do not like them.

Can you share an interesting fact about yourself?

My birthday is New Year’s Day which I love now but did not really appreciate so much when I was younger. However I was actually due on Christmas Day, thank goodness I was a week late.