Congress Destination Management

Managing the process for selecting destinations and venues for National and International Congresses for over 100 Events

As a specialist in Association Congresses, innov8 is regularly tasked with managing the bidding and selection criteria for future National and International Congresses. We can help streamline your selection process, open up new destinations and provide impartial advice and feedback on the infrastructure available to your events.

If you are looking for the best venue in the UK to hold your Congress but also want to know what Hotels can be used as a Headquarter Hotel, and where you can genuinely host your Social events, you need an organisation that has actually organised these sizes of events in multiple cities.

Why do Associations outsource this to innov8?

We've been where you are; as a Professional Congress Organiser we know how important the people flow of delegates is, and that a great location can add 10% to an events delegate number. Researching potential venue options can be time-consuming, by bringing in a Professional Congress Organiser like innov8 to manage your destination, we can be with you every step of the process no matter how long it takes.

innov8 brings an enormous amount of experience of modern Congress organisation and know how dozens of other Associations across the World choose their Congress venue. If you feel your Conference is stuck in a pattern that it needs to break out of, or is getting quoted the same rates each time, innov8 can ensure you fully understand the best options available to your Congress.


The support innov8 provides you:

  • We don't release the name of your event at first to get the best rate, rather than what you normally get quoted
  • A senior member of our team will be there for site visits and guide you through the whole process
  • Breakdown of what Hotels are available, including genuine allocation numbers and rates which the Hotels would provide
  • Information on the local Convention Bureau and the support available from the city
  • Expert advice on how the selection process can match up with your Associations background, ensuring the venues and destinations we put forward are relevant to your event

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