Conference and Event Accommodation
January 13, 2013

Conference and Event Accommodation

When organising a major Conference or Event most event organisers will spend time looking at the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) Analysis of what may affect delegate attendance. This may be areas outside of your control such as volcanoes in Iceland covering Europe with a “no-fly” zone, perhaps some unforeseen change in Government policy?

One risk that comes up at the top of most lists is:


Will delegates pay what the event organisers are charging to attend the event? Most organisers will look at just the cost of the Tickets/ Registration for the event, the more experienced organisers will look deeper. How could Travel, Local Restaurants, Taxes and Hotel rates affect whether delegates attend your event? Whilst natural disaster and government policy are outside of most event organisers control, Travel and Conference and event Accommodation is certainly not.

Whilst choosing your venue for your event, you should look into where the local hotels and whether there is sufficient accommodation for your attendees to stay near to your venue. Normally we would suggest that local Conference and Event Accommodation (within 5-10 minutes walk) total bedstock should be more than triple your expected attendance. Most Hotels have day-to-day transient and corporate business, and only for the truly biggest events will they hand over all of their bedstock for an event. Therefore your delegates will most likely be sharing a hotel with guests who will not be attending your event.

But how can you control Hotel Costs? This is where we come in.

We work with event organisers across the UK and the World to assist in managing delegates accommodation needs. Whether it be Amsterdam, Auckland or London we have the contacts to ensure your delegates stay near to your event venue at greatly discounted rates.

How do we do this?

As an event agency innov8 Conference Services is also one of the largest booker of hotel rooms for Conferences and Events. Therefore our reputation and buying power allows us to negotiate with Hotels and Accommodation providers on your behalf to gain cheaper rates and more flexible cancellation policies. These rates are secured to innov8 as an agency meaning we are responsible for signing those important contracts with the hotels. This guarantees that your event will have bedrooms available close to your venue, rather than worrying about other events or potential football matches taking all your bedstock.

Why should an event organiser do this?

Not only does innov8 negotiate these rates on behalf of events we also manage all our event accommodation using our online accommodation software. This allows delegates to book either online, by email or over the phone with the team ensuring that your event organising team can look after other tasks.

We can also completely integrate our accommodation software into nearly all recognised delegate registration and ticketing software across the World! Meaning delegates can book their hotel instantly in one easy registration process.

How is innov8 different to other companies?

As an events agency we not only ensure that your delegates get the cheapest rates, best availability and most flexible cancellation policies (as if that’s not enough)! We also use the information we receive from delegates booking their hotels to assist you in marketing your event. For Example:


If you have a drinks reception on the night before the event, and you want to send a targeted mailshot to all those delegates who will be staying in the city the night prior, how would you do this?


With innov8 we can not only provide this information instantly using our realtime reporting tools but we can also send out the mailshot and track it on your behalf to ensure it reaches only the most relevant of attendees.

Our team works hard to ensure we add value to any event we work with and make sure that the risk of expensive Conference and Event Accommodation does not stop your delegates coming to your event.