Press Announcement
BADFest 2017
July 19, 2017

Part of the innov8 team have just come back from organizing the Gala Dinner for this year’s British Association of Dermatology (BAD) Annual Conference which took place at the ACC Liverpool. Over the past 2 years now we have helped BAD to help spice things up with their Annual Gala dinner and rather than the usual sit down meal we have been producing the theme for this as more of a Festival type event which has been a huge success.

This gives delegates the chance to network with Colleagues throughout the evening as well as enjoying the great line up of live entertainment provided in the main room with great acts performing on the stage.

Or if they prefer they can explore the other rooms where they can unwind playing fun games, have fun photos taken in the photo booth or just relaxing in the quiet spaces whilst helping themselves to a tub of ice cream.

There was also a fantastic selection of different types of street food available for them to choose from where they can have as much or as little as they would like to try at each stall.  There is then the choice of where they would like to sit while they are eating and who they would like to be sat next to rather than the traditional formal seating plan at Gala Dinners where you are restricted to the same seat all night.

This is a fantastic event that we really enjoy thinking up some great fun theming ideas each year and also organising a jam packed array of live entertainment to keep all the delegates entertained all night.