February 1, 2018

Announcement – The Trafford/ Cheshire/ Stockport Business Expo

Emma and James started innov8 in 2010 with the aim of continually challenging ourselves and our teams to keep creating new events and new ideas. We are excited to be on the path to create more new events for you to enjoy.

Ever since our first ever in-house event, The Stockport Business Expo in November 2011, we have prided ourselves in creating exciting, professional and successful events for the Greater Manchester Business community to attend.

This has ranged from Conferences such as the International Social Media Conference and the Sales Conversion Conference alongside other events such as the Greater Manchester Business Awards and the Vasculitis Charity Ball and following the success of the Stockport Business Expo, we also launched the Cheshire and Trafford Business Expo’s, which for 7 years were the leading Business Expo’s in Manchester. Our promise with our events has always been to be open and honest in how we conduct ourselves with our clients and partners and whilst 2017 saw us deliver more events than ever we think we can do much better.

In 2017 we reviewed our event portfolio, and whilst all three events saw successful attendee numbers and feedback was overwhelmingly positive on all three events, we have decided that we will not be holding Cheshire, Stockport or the Trafford Business Expo from here onwards.

We have previously indicated our reasons for this review in a previous blog which we would welcome you reading here if you want to know more on this decision: Click here to read

As part of this strategic review we identified a number of events that we felt that could deliver the same outcome but in alternative ways, in order to allow us to continue being “innov8”ive.

We need to ensure that we continue to be creative, to ensure that we remain true to the values to create more new and engaging events.

This includes our plans to launch innov8 Live– a one night only event promoting the top businesses of Greater Manchester in the Luxurious Rooftop pitch "Heaven" in Hotel Football Trafford. The event will include food and drink, including the Gin Festival Tent and Entertainment from 7.30pm onward. The event will be limited to 150 guests and whilst there is a charge for attending of £25 per delegate, this will also only be open to Business owners, Directors and Senior Management. Our aim is to create a one of a kind Business Evening in one of Manchester’s Iconic venues where you can meet some of the top suppliers in our region and enjoy an opportunity to network with fellow business owners, Directors and Managers whilst enjoying the local Entertainment.

You can also apply to be a partner at the event directly through the website:

Over the coming months we will be launching further innovative and new events to complement our flagship events – The Greater Manchester Business Awards and International Social Media Conference as we continue to support you in your business aims.

Finally we want to thank everyone who attended, exhibited, spoke and supported the Trafford, Stockport and Cheshire Business Expo’s over the past 7 years. We are truly thankful for the support that you have provided us over the years and we hope you will continue to attend our events as we aim to be Manchester’s Number 1 Events Organiser.