5 Reasons why you need a Catchbox at your next conference
September 28, 2015

Are you familiar with the uncomfortable silence in a Question and Answer session, when you have been chosen to ask a question and you are waiting for the microphone to make its way up to your seat?

If you have been to a conference, I’m sure you will have experienced this at some point. The guys at Catchbox have come up with a fantastic product to eliminate the disruption of this wait for the hand held microphone.


The world’s first throwable microphone.


We jumped at the chance to have our own set to use at our events, and make them available for all those we work with. Here’s 5 reasons why we believe that a Catchbox is a necessity for your future conferences.

1. They increase audience participation and people want to be involved

Integrating a Catchbox into your Q+A sessions is a really fun way of making your event more engaging. The Catchboxes are designed to be light and soft, so they are easy to throw and catch with no risk of damaging the inside electronics.

2. Make your Question and Answer sessions memorable.

The Catchbox can simply be thrown into an audience, creating a completely new way of co-ordinating discussions. They liven up the crowd and it will be a talking point with their colleagues back at the office and at future meetings and conferences.

3. Two different size Catchboxes to cater for various size conferences

The Catchbox 2.4 is designed for workshops, lectures and smaller conferences with a recommended audience size of 1-100.

The Catchbox Pro Module ranges upto 100m/1000ft, simply connect your existing beltpack into the Catchbox.

4. Really easy to plug in and go

This Catchbox 2.4 is a complete wireless microphone system and is really simple to switch on and start.

The Catchbox Pro Module was designed to work with professional radio transmitters ensuring flawless performance in the most demanding events.

5. The Active Automute feature mutes the microphone when in motion

This ensures there is no unwanted disturbance when thrown and caught (or dropped!) Once you have it in your hands, wait a second and then speak into the box as you usually would.

We believe that the CatchBox is the next essential piece of event equipment for meetings and conferences, and are an excellent way of adding an element of fun into your event. If you are interested in finding out more about having a CatchBox at your next event, feel free to get in touch!