30 Euston Square
April 6, 2017

Euston Square is a flexible meeting and conference venue in central London and doubles up as the headquarters of Royal College of General Practitioners. It is conveniently located a few minutes’ walk from Euston Station.

Some venues say they are a short walk and in reality it ends up to be longer, but this is literally a couple of minutes’ walk from the station, just across the park.

You get a warm welcome from the doorman, who opens the door for you and then you are shown to your meeting space. I’ve been to this venue a couple of times and experienced both types of their meeting rooms.

Princes Gate Suite

Located up on the 1st floor, the Princes Gate Suite is in their group of meeting rooms called the Heritage Rooms. These spaces have traditional oak panels and large windows overlooking Euston Square. Registration and catering takes place out in a communal seating area and delegates enjoyed having the additional space to network.

My second time visiting the venue, I was with a larger group of 30 and was recommended by the venue that the cabaret style we required would work better downstairs in their room G4 and 5.

G4 and 5

30 Euston Square also have a range of contemporary meeting rooms which G4 and 5 are classed as. This particular room is on the ground floor and could split into two smaller rooms with an air wall. Due to our numbers, we had the wall open and used both rooms. This room did not have as much natural daylight as the Heritage Rooms, however, they are very bright and modern with glass panelling and have everything you will need.

They have top of the range Audio Visual equipment built into the room which can all be connected to wirelessly. The projector was built into the ceiling with wireless connection and there is also an integrated sound system.

As the room was set out for 30 people cabaret, feedback in the break was that discussions were struggling to be heard over the air conditioning. In the coffee break, a lapel microphone and handheld microphone were seamlessly able to be connected (wirelessly again) and used for the remaining of the workshop, which the speakers were pleased about.

It is useful to know that registration and catering take place inside the meeting room at the back as there is only a corridor outside of the room, so there is not enough space for the breaks to be served outside.

My experience from all the staff at the 30 Euston square on both occasions was that they were all polite and extremely helpful. Nothing was ever too much trouble and it is great to work with a very professional venue.

The menu choices for the breaks and lunch are great and if you are a tea lover like me, they have very posh tea bags.

They also have exhibition space and a tiered auditorium so it is overall, a very flexible venue for a variety of meetings and conferences. We have a couple more meetings booked with this venue so see you next time 30 Euston Square.